Getting Started

With so many retirement options available to your business, where should you get started? What product is best for you? Use our guide and resources to help you navigate your options and pick a plan that works best for you or your business.

Step 1
Why offer a retirement plan?

We know understanding all of the retirement plan options out there is overwhelming, and the amount of time needed to understand the different plan types can feel like a chore. But offering a plan is easier than you think! Read on to debunk the myths of why most small business owners don't currently offer plans.

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Step 2
Types of retirement plans

There are a number of plans available to small business owners that qualify for preferential tax treatment, and many of them have the same tax benefits as plans offered by large employers. In order to choose the best plan for your needs, make sure you understand the difference between all the available options and learn about tax credits that can help cover plan startup costs. 

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Step 3
Selecting a Retirement Plan

Now that you have a better understanding of what your retirement options are, are you still stumped about how to choose? We walk you through the basic features of retirement plans so you'll be better positioned to select the right plan for you and your employees. 

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Step 4
Questions to Ask

Are you ready to talk with a broker or plan administrator? Here is a checklist of questions you should ask »

Retirement Glossary

Feel like the small print on your retirement plan or advice from your financial advisor is a foreign language? Our glossary makes it easy to decipher what some of the most common terms you may come across mean for you and your business.

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